We specialise in provision of geodetic services for the construction of distribution networks: gas, petroleum, heating, energy, telecommunication networks as well as their accompanying equipment. The owned equipment, applied measurement techniques and means of transport provide us with the mobility required in the implementation of large-line investments. We have gained our experience implementing orders and commissions for, among others, such major investors as: GAZ-SYSTEM Transmission Gas Lines Operator JSC, PKN Orlen JSC, Polish Oil and Gas Company JSC. We co-operate with leading construction companies in the industry: GAZOBUDOWA Gas Equipment Construction Ltd. Co., POL-AQUA Engineering Works Company JSC, PBG JSC, Gas Equipment Repairs Plant Ltd. Co.



We particularly recommend the following among a number of our services in the business line:




We fulfil orders for the preparation and development of maps for design and project purposes. We make use of various measuring techniques: ranging from traditional ones, using electronic tachymeters, up to real time satellite measurements. We provide them to our clients in the form in which master maps are drawn up by a competent centre for geodetic - cartographic documentation. So, if at a particular centre master maps for a given region are drawn up in the digital format, then we are able to make the maps available for design and project purposes in the format which is typical to CAD applications.





We make various types of implementation works: setting out buildings and constructions, land facility networks, roads, squares, side-walks, small architecture, other elements of land management etc. We use various (always adapted to the required accuracy) measurement techniques, taking into account their economic calculation. We point out collisions of the construed objects with the existing underground land facilities. We make appropriate, required by law, updates of information at the land register resulted from changes in the manner of use occurred at the start of the investment process.





We make inventories and prepare the legally-required as-built geodetic documentation for various kinds of objects: buildings and constructions, land facility networks, roads, squares, side-walks, small architecture, other elements of land management etc. We use various (always adapted to the required accuracy) measurement techniques, taking into account their economic calculation. We make updates of information in the scope of master maps, land and property registers as well as geodetic registers of land utilities network resulted from the completion of the investment process.





We provide geodetic services to various types of investments: housing estates, service and office premises, commercial and industrial units, hydro-engineering constructions, roads and bridges, railways, land utilities networks, including high pressure large diameter pipes etc. We have got high quality, modern measuring equipment which allow prompt accomplishment of tasks with the use of various technologies. The owned advanced software packages provide instant power to both data measuring instruments as well as plans for coordinating measurement results outdoors.





We design, stabilise and take the measurement of observational networks which monitor horizontal, vertical shifts as well as deformations of buildings, structures and land areas. We make use a variety of measurement techniques, ranging from traditional ones, satellite techniques up to photogrammetric measurements. We have got precise instruments which enable the accomplishment of tasks at the highest precision. The software ensures high reliability of the obtained results. If needed, we stabilise the networks with signs at our design made of high quality materials while being durable and aesthetic.





We locate the course of underground networks of land utilities, we point out collisions with the planned earth works and we supervise all the works at places exposed to damage of networks of special importance. We point out the locations of metal objects in the ground such as for example unexploded bombs. We have got modern location equipment provided by reputable companies which ensures the utmost reliability of course and depth indications. We locate tie-ins for located wires both directly as well as by inductive methods.





We take measurements, do volumetric calculations and balance the level of earth works. We use a variety of measurement techniques, ranging from traditional ones, satellite techniques and laser scanning up to photogrammetric measurements. The software enables to create digital models by a variety of methods; so computational works ensure their high reliability. We especially recommend performing inventories by means of photogrammetric method which gives excellent results and is useful in calculating the volume of dump sites and landfills, especially in terms of bulk materials.                                                                                                   >>>





We conduct inventory works at archaeological sites. We apply various measuring techniques depending on the type of site, its availability, dimensions and expected documentation. We specialise in inventories by means of photogrammetric methods by which we make inventories of these archaeological positions as well as all the excavated exhibits. We provide our clients with the documentation, including models of excavated exhibits, both in the traditional format as well as digitally in the form of CAD-typed files and pdf files. We provide the accomplished photograms digitally in the form of bitmap files.





We make updates of information being the components of the land and property register. The requirement to keep the information updated results from legal regulations. Keeping the land and property register as a task commissioned by mayors of districts is made by district centres for geodetic and cartographic documentation as well as by municipal centres in towns and cities with district rights. The most common causes of any such changes refer to starting or termination of the investment process within property caused by changes of the manner of its use.





We conduct measurements with the use of satellite navigation systems. The equipment used by us works well with the American GPS and the Russian GLONASS, and the European GALILEO system being under development. We perform measurements and calculations with all the applicable methods: from the static method up to real-time kinematic methods. Along the specialised software applied by us it provides us with an opportunity to accomplish tasks requiring precision of metres, through decimetres and centimetres up to millimetres.                                                                                                                                                        >>>






To our clients we offer implementation of digitally-formatted projects both in vector-based graphics as well as bitmaps. We have got a variety of software which ensures saving end-effects in most available formats. These range from CAD-based files, typical bitmap files as well as formats related to publication (including electronic publication) and printing. We scan, calibrate, vectorise archival cartographic and project documentation. We make print-outs and plotted drawings at the highest quality equipment in both minor and major format.





We make inventories using 3D laser scanning. We scan historic and industrial buildings, interiors, façades, natural monuments, steel constructions, operational walls of quarries, requiring detailed and prompt inventories of objects to be covered up etc. The range of applications is virtually unlimited. The technology is irreplaceable at all the places where time, precision, objectivity, completeness count. A colourful "cloud of points" being the base for implementation of derivative projects ranging from cross-sections, projections, views up to realistic 3D models comes out as the primary product.                                                                                                      >>>






We assume, implement, make updates and maintain terrain information systems. Our systems support the process of decision making and management of information relating to the geographic space in numerous business fields and industries. We make use a variety of system platforms aimed to adjust our offer to the requirements and capabilities of our clients. We are not limited by decent standalone systems. We also make network systems as well as increasingly popular geo-portals, thereby allowing access to geo-information by a large number of users.                                                                                                                                    >>>