In general terms , geoinformatics is defined as the field of science and technology dealing with the acquisition, processing, gathering, analysing and making available of spatial information by means of information technologies. Often speaking about the geoinformatics we mean Land Information Systems, or broader, Geographic Information Systems, known under the English acronym of GIS. From the point of user's view it is brought to the access of data about objects in space through maps, in this case digital maps.


Aerial and satellite images as well as aerial laser scanning are an elementary source of data for our small-scale and medium-scale projects which stand for GIS. We have to purchase the data from third parties. However, having a wide range of short-range measurement techniques such as for example traditional surveying techniquessatellite measurementsphotogrammetric methods and 3D laser scanning, our company is fully self-sufficient in the scope of large-scale projects.

We specialise in systems which are created according to the needs and economic capabilities of our clients. Not everyone needs the most advanced and therefore the most expensive technologies. Therefore, dealing with a particular client's request we always start from the selection of a system platform. Some people need stand-alone system, others - network solutions while still others do not install it at PCs as they want it to be installed at mobile devices such as GPS receivers in cars. We match everyone's needs and requirements, all the more there are a lot of solutions based on systems and applications which are inexpensive or even free.