If you are interested in laser scanning technology feel invited to watch the presentation on it prepared by the manufacturer of our scanner - FARO Technologies Inc.


FARO creates computer-aided measurement systems. Portable coordinate measuring equipment with its software tailored to specific industry allows precise three-dimensional and spatial measurements in every area.


The FARO FOCUS 3D scanner purchased by WROGEO is a precise instrument with its range of 120m scanning at the speed of 976 000 points per second. With compact dimensions of 24 x 20 x 10 cm and weighing 5 kg it is an extremely mobile device. Its own efficient power supply and recording of measurement results at the SD card make it an independent tool which can work without any additional devices.


FOCUS 3D has got an built-in camera which enables you to perform photo-realistic 3D colour scans free of parallax distortions. Thus, the integration of laser scanning and photogrammetry takes place just at the stage of gathering information in the field.