Good quality, steadfast, reliable, precise and modern equipment is the first-rank matter at our work. In conjunction with the staff appropriately prepared to work and the implemented technologies it gives us the possibility of undertaking many, often difficult, tasks. Since the beginning of our company we have made enough efforts so that the measuring and surveying accessories meet these criteria.


Therefore, when purchasing new measuring and surveying instruments we are guided primarily by the reputation of a particular brand. We make purchases from these suppliers only who guarantee the highest quality of service. So that in case of failure and stock-out of our own facilities there is no interruptions in production. This is particularly important in accomplishing geodetic services for investments. We select the best from within the products of particular brands. Therefore, there are no instruments of one manufacturer only. Our total stations, auto levellers, electronic levellers, satellite receivers, plummets or laser scanners have got various labels. Auxiliary accessories and instruments complement our basic measurement tools. We always take care so that even minor components are of adequate quality.


Even the best equipment requires care and maintenance during use. It may seem difficult to reconcile in case of equipment used in the field, often at harsh conditions, be it meteorological or related to the place of execution of the works. Therefore, it is subjected to regular testing procedures by our staff and at least once a year it is sent to the authorised service centre for maintenance and testing of metro-logical efficiency.