For many services which we offer the technology of their implementation has been known for years. These are proven and good methods. In our company we make sure that these technologies are used rationally. So that none of our actions is not accidental. So that everything we do results from the technology implemented in a deliberate manner and having economic rationale.

This does not mean that we can not be creative. The world has been changing and the progress provides us with more and more new opportunities. We curiously observe the emergence of new technologies which we have been trying to implement in our company. So that our clients' needs can be met better, faster, cheaper. It allows us to improve the quality and accuracy of our services, increase our productivity and reduce implementation costs. So that a client receive the product which he / she ordered with appropriate quality, quickly and at a reasonable price. New technologies also enable to take on tasks which have been considered infeasible hitherto either because of technical capabilities or due to costs.


Being interested in technological progress, first in 2002, we have successfully implemented methods of satellite measurements, which just in 2008 slowly began to deserve the universal recognition of geodesic specialists. Initially, we used to let and lease equipment but since 2006 we have got our own receivers. Today we can not do without them. In 2007, we have implemented short-range photogrammetry and aerial photography which is indirectly associated with it. In turn 2010 stands for 3D laser scanning. What awaits us in the future? Time alone will tell. We have got some ideas but ... let us not get ahead of the facts